Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Experiments in Hario Temperature Stability

I'm working on a project to narrow down the accuracy of temperature measurements in the Hario V60. Preliminary testing shows differing results across multiple pouring techniques. The first technique (A) is a continuous (or nearly continuous) pour. The second (B), a bloom and fill, or two part pour and finally a five pour technique with agitation was tested (C).

The arrangement is pretty straight forward. We worked with a couple different probe types and placements. These are select results and show only what mostly happened. A complete write up and more testing will follow.

Each of these test brews contained 28 grams of coffee and brewed to between 450 and 473 milliliters. I considered not publishing that; this test wasn't measuring deliciousness, just temperature. Still, all but one pouring technique yielded favorable results. Poor brews were likely due to lack of practice in the pouring method.

We learn here what we always learn: our testing methods and equipment are insufficient. Go back, prepare better, get new tools, record more and take better notes. Lastly, why Fahrenheit?

Thanks to Sam, Kasey, Jared, Intelli and Water Avenue Coffee. And always, thanks to Roust About Products.