Friday, May 08, 2009

I just remembered that I meant to post this pic. It was a little wile ago (2/27/9) but I was endowed with this wine by the same friend in the wine biz. When they taste for magazine reviews they really only use a few ounces of wine. If i'm lucky, he brings me the remainder within a few hours. The McCrea on the far right and, of course, the Andrew Will were the stand outs. All are from WA state.

This delicious wine was provided to me by a friend in the business. Unfortunately, it's all sold out and ya can't get any more.

On top little mount Si with my roommate Bryan. Up and down by 10am.

The view from the new house. Facing straight east down Holgate street.

Lunch and beer on the day we moved my friends into their first home. Couldn't have asked for better weather and smoother more organized move. We were drinking celebratory beer by noon. (Leffe Blond)

Up a rock at the Exit 38 climbing area near North Bend. It was a busy day at the crags.