Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Avatar is the grown up version of FernGully.
Avatar is also totally, totally racist. It's the story of a white man becoming one with another race and eventually their leader and savior. Think District 9. What's worse is that the natives in Avatar wear African jewelry and dreadlocks. The matriarch is basically a New Orleans Voodoo practitioner. The voice actors are also primarily black, like Zoe Saldana, Laz Alonso and C.C.H. Pouner.
My roommate tipped me off to this awesome essay. Here is Telegraph.co.uk post I found that pretty much says the same thing.

I guess I could have done my home work first and not given them my money.


Roxanne said...

I hear the Cheif is a Native American.

Photographer said...

Also, the 3D technology is terrible. I think watching in 2D, on digital projection, on a fancy movie theater screen would have been better.

Chipper said...

This was an interesting article you linked to....I thought the summary of the plot was way off the mark; nonetheless, the article brings up salient points. Points that are more thought-provoking that simply saying that the movie is "totally, totally racist".

I didn't find the movie to be racist. I found it to be a cliche. I think white people are egotistical and to used to being in charge. In addition, I agree with the essay when it says that the movie fits into the common hollywood scheme becaues it's trying to SELL TICKETS!

Thus, if you wanted to call something racist, I would be more prone to call the audience to which the movie panders as racists instead of the movie itself.

In the end, I think the micro-analysis misses the main theme of the move, which is that white-- no....humans--people fuck shit up. I tended to interpret this movie as

1) Entertaining because of the animation

I tend to leave most movies at that....entertainment, but the essay definitely brought up points I agreed that basically say

2) The movie was formulaic and had a totally predictable plot. It's a good reminder to us humans or our own egotism both interpreted through the plot directly (ie, we fuck shit up) and indirectly, as the essay correctly pointed out the basic inadequacy of the white man as converted leader idea....


Photographer said...

Chipper, thanks for your comments. I don't entirely agree, but you knew that from my post. I guess my thing is, it's a racist cliche and it SOLD ME A TICKET!

Here is slightly different look at similar points: http://news.discovery.com/human/avatar-racism-james-cameron.html