Friday, December 11, 2009

This evening I went for cocktails at the Beaker and Flask in south east Portland. The place is pretty busy and they have a seating policy which doesn't allow for a standing room situation. I started out with a bourbon based absinthe drink.

They source the bar ware from estate sales and antique shops, so our glasses were vintage and fantastic.
Our Bartender, Elizabeth, was really sharp. While she was crafting my cocktails she told me about her sourcing trip to Kentucky. She and I had a great conversation about bourbon, she selected a barrel and brought it back for the bar. I followed up with an old fashion with monster ice cubes and a giant slice of orange peel.

Dinner was at Lovely Hula Hands, another great experience. Roasted beat and potato salad with fennel, calabrian chiles and creamy horseradish. Followed by a caramelized cauliflower risotto. Desert tied it together; house made brown sugar ice cream with a cakey ginger bread. Not to sweet, good texture.

Lovely night.

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