Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Left, Square Mile Coffee. Right, Dunkin Donuts.

**Update** Yeah, okay, I get it... you think I was trying to compare the relative darkness and there are a host of issues with that. I was simply pointing out that they were in the same room. It's funny, come on.


jasonscheltus said...

the dunkin donuts stuff in yer photo looks nothing like the dunkin donuts stuff i've seen. The dunkin donuts coffee i've seen around in the states looks a far sight darker roasted and oily on the surface than that there stuff.

Odd photo.

Photographer said...

It's weird, I know, I wish I had photographed the bags so I could include things like origin, varietal and roast date. It's probably unfair to present these this way, we were all amazed at how light the Dunkin' Donuts was. Square Mile was the in the other hand at the time and I snapped this pic.