Monday, May 09, 2011


The Clive Stand

This beautiful pour over bar, the Clive Stand, is the proud product of Mark Hellweg. Mark put together this bar with input from a local artist/craftsman and feedback from baristas, including myself. The Clive Stand does the same work as any other 3 up pour over bar, yes, but it's more elegant. Allow me to elaborate:
  • It's smaller, that saves bar space.
  • It looks good, always a plus.
  • It's made of salvage wood, that's Green.
  • The holes are beveled 60 degrees, that fits those Harios like a glove.
  • A little ridge in front of the pitchers centers them under the cone, like a tennis ball on string in your garage.
  • My friend Mark invented it, undeniable!
The real Clive Stand, standing up.
A week or two ago, during SCAA's trade show in Huston, I was made aware of some low-brow rip-off's, at least one that counts as corporate. Corporate, that means they have enough money to get their own and they spent it mocking up someone elses'. Also, they're in Florida, what does that tell ya? Lame. No excuse for it, none.

The 'C' shaped side panels are meant to represent Mark's brand, Clive Coffee.

So it is now, with much disappointment, that ask of you; do not buy these products. Thank you.


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