Monday, January 28, 2013

Cyclocross Worlds is coming. It's in the US and it's kind of a big deal.

totally unrelated, here's me, cowbell in the foreground, running up at Alpinerose.
It's all happening between January 31st and February 3rd in Louisville Kentucky at Eva Bandman park and Cylcocross venue. Details here.

A lot of people are headed out to spectate and it's going to be cold. 30's and potentially snowing.  I thought I'd put together some coffee tips to help you keep warm and caffeinated while you ring cowbells, screaming at Katie Compton and Jonathon Page.

Quills Coffee - Just a couple miles from the Worlds venue, Quills downtown location is a short bike ride away and known for their pourover coffee program. (which you know I love) 930 Baxter Avenue (502) 742-6129 Quills is a multi-location joint, so, depending on where you're staying, look em' up.

Sunergos Coffee - The newest downtown location of Sunergos is within walking distance of the Cylocross park.  231 South 5th Street (502) 589-3222 This location features Seattle's fabled Slayer espresso machine and multiple espresso offerings. A while back this nice blog about them popped up: 
Also a multi-location business so look for the one that's on your way to the park in the morning.

Cafe Classico - For a delicious espresso.

Looking into eat and drink around Louisville I came across a couple other things you should know about. Here some more places within minutes of Bandman park.

For breakfast and snacks check out:
Please & Thank You
North End Cafe
Baby D's (for bagel sandwiches, and right around the corner from Quills coffee)
Nancy's Bagel Grounds

And if you get a little farther from the park,
Wild Eggs.
Blue Dog Bakery and Cafe

Got other good tips? Groups rides, bourbon tours? email tom[at]pouredover[dot]com and we'll get em' up here.
Thanks to Tom from Vanilla Workshop for contributing to this post.  

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